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July 27, 2020

With a tremendous fiery rush, the torch of the tower keep erupted into a great conflagration. From a distance, the curtain walls appeared to girth a great bonfire. Like moths darting around the firelight, Alexander and Alexi saw the reflections of hundreds of Ondagar illuminate around the castle.

“He turns the keep into a giant torch!” Alexander exclaimed as his face lit up in the brilliance of the flames.

“Aggh!” Alexi screamed. “My warriors are now easy crossbow targets. ”  

“Once the Moontar scale the castle’s walls, the defenders will have their hands full.” Alexander tried to reassure his sister.

“Until then it will...

June 25, 2019

“So, my Prince, I have a question if I may,” she said with a sly grin.

Daarés face sobered. He suddenly remembered with whom he was speaking and chose to be more guarded. “Princess Yarlil, as genuine as you appear, I have to remind myself who you are.”

“Well, thank you, my observant one. It is good you appreciate my dark charm. But to my question, what do you think of this talk of racial intermixing?”  

He considered her for a moment. Daarés himself was quarter Dark Elf on his mother’s side, but except for his slightly angular face had none of Yarlil’s elven features. In addressing Yarlil’s question, he remembered that he...

May 28, 2019

Perched high up on a sixty-step dais, Emperor Constantine sat on the throne of Allgodt. In this large circular space, the emperor looked an isolated and diminutive figure. Stationed around the perimeter of the auditorium stood two hundred Palace Guards.  Behind them, the public galleries’empty seats paid silent homage. Absorbed in his thoughts, Constantine was distracted by a movement in the main entrance.

"His Excellency, the High Chancellor, requests an audience, Your Highness," announced the Attending Marschal from the entranceway. Visitors seeking an audience with the emperor could only approach if es...

May 22, 2019

Masters of their domain, the First Ones lived for millennia. Over the aeons they accumulated vast knowledge and power and lorded over the “short-lived” or “inconsequential ones.” .

At their nascent, in the time of the thunder lizards, dragon kind ruled the skies and serpent kind held dominion over the swamplands. The two races, however, adopted very different worldviews. Dragon kind focused on controlling the elemental forces that shaped the physical realm, and serpent kind focused on the evolutionary forces, including the many paths taken by living creatures to adapt and survive.

Throughout eternity, the two sentient races c...

December 11, 2018

This novel is one the best independently published novel's I've had the pleasure of reading; outshining many other fantasy novels in complexity and world-building

November 10, 2018

The sound of the bursting dome shattered the silence of the tabernacle. Stone and plaster plummeted onto the stone floor, sending plumes of dust into the air to form a fine white cloud.

Abbot Ammon’s heart raced in anticipation. As the dust settled, his worst suspicions were realised. From within the white cloud, a giant red figure with outstretched black wings emerged. It had the body of a man, wings of a bat and a large demonic head. With immense trepidation, the abbot watched as the man-beast approach. The eight-foot-high monstrous figure exuded intimidating strength. The demon's muscular red torso rippled with each step...

July 26, 2018

Thane Draghi meets eye-to-eye with a black scaled Draken

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