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Dive into the epic fantasy world of Mu in Saga of the Six Realms: Book One - on sale!

The world of Mu is one of ancient battles and divine beings, where the First Ones once reigned supreme. Among the First Ones, the Draken and the Kinless were in constant conflict, battling for dominance over the land, sea, and sky.

One day, in an act of spite, the Draken unleashed a great storm called The Tempest that rent the earth open and sent demonic hordes ravaging the lands. The city of Onness, the great capital of mankind, was lost forever, buried beneath the Sands of Time.

But from this world of destruction, six peoples rose to power. The Muaryians, the Imanishi, the Illantheans, the Ordeans, the Essenee Riders, and the Chosen Ones. These peoples would come to rule the Six Realms of Mu.

In the hallowed Hall of Allgodt, the Six Realms united, and an Emperor of Mu was elected, ushering in a new era for mankind. But the Outlands, where the old races resurface and dragons reappear, threaten to undo all that has been achieved.

The epic saga of rivalry, romance, and battles in the medieval world of Mu unfolds in Saga of Six Book 1. With its fantastic world-building, mystery, and intrigue, this fast-moving novel will keep you guessing with its twists and turns.

Experience the power struggles and conflicts that test the limits of humanity. Will man be able to resist the evils in the Outlands? Will an ancient cycle be broken, or will man be doomed to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors? Find out in Saga of Six Book 1, available for just $0.99 from 12th April to 19th April on Amazon or visit www.sagaofsix.com for more info. Don't miss out on this epic fantasy adventure!

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