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Emperor of Mu - Reviewers Comments

Book 1 of the Saga of Six Realms medieval fantasy series

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"I'm happy to say that this novel is one of the best and most complex independently published fantasy novels I've ever had the pleasure of reading (it outshines many other fantasy novels in terms of complexity and worldbuilding). I have to admit that I'm a bit amazed and loss at words at how complex a story the author has managed to write, because this kind of complexity is seldom seen in modern fantasy novels.


One of the best things about Emperor of Mu is that it's a surprisingly fast-paced fantasy novel. The author takes his time to set things up, which is good, but he does it with style and doesn't let the story become muddled with meaningless events and keeps things in motion (although the pacing is delightfully swift, nothing feels rushed in this novel). The author manages to keep the various events intriguing and maintains the reader's interest in the story by gradually revealing details about the world and the characters."


"If you want to read an epic fantasy novel you can immerse yourself into and don't want it to end too soon, you should take a look at Jason Beveridge's Emperor of Mu. This novel is one of the best fantasy novels independently available for epic fantasy readers and should be read by those who love complex and intricate stories."


Grady Harp - HALL OF FAME Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

"New names, new ideas, and Jason manages to involve us to the point of initiating a hunger to turn the page and march into the story. Exceptional writing with interesting and always surprising developments makes this an impressive debut for an author of fine potential."

V.E. Amazon VINE VOICE Top 3,500 Reviewer

“This is a book to become immersed in, with its complicated and astute plot, and killer suspense. Throw in some dragons, romance, and bitter rivalries, and you have a well put together story.”

J. Armstrong Top 14,000 Amazon Reviewer not afraid to be critical

The world building and character building in this story was superb. I would compare this authors world-building to the likes of Brandon Sanderson. I truly enjoyed this story, the intrigue, and the realism really drew me into the story and kept me turning pages. The plot was unique, and the story pace was even throughout which is important in such a long story. A long fantasy epic that is certainly worth your time and attention.

Marcia Top 15,000 Amazon Reviewer

"There’s amazing character development, fast-paced action yet nothing feels rushed. The author takes his time to properly introduce us into his fantasy story. There’s a tremendous amount of work and love put into it, and it shows. It’s fun and entertaining, while at the same time feeling like an old acquaintance that you feel comfortable with."

David Styles Top 12,000 Amazon Reviewer

"While it’s popular to compare world-building fantasy power struggles with the Song of Ice and Fire series, for me the actual feel of this book was more comparable to that of Dune, in especially the treatment of the characters and their more personal political motivations and machinations."

Moontar Menace - Reviewers Comments

Book 2 of the Saga of Six Realms medieval fantasy series

Grady Harp. HALL OF FAME Top 100 Amazon Reviewer

Jason manages to involve us to the point of initiating a hunger to turn the page and march into the story. Exceptional writing with interesting and always surprising developments make this an impressive debut for an author of fine potential.

V.E. Amazon VINE VOICE Top 3,500 Amazon Reviewer

Fantastical realms that we get to visit as readers, Muaryia and the Duchies, places that linger in the imagination. Well described characters balance out the tale, and while the language may feel stilted at times, it does seem to reflect the nobility and gentility that inhabits this book. An empress, a war, and a magic key all create a sense of mystery as the action builds in this intriguing tale. Great writing along with a complex plot keeps you engaged from the beginning to the end. This tale is highly recommended for an involved and absorbing read, dive in when you are ready for some substantial and powerful writing. Looking forward to more from this author.

Jo Jo Maxon. Top 6,000 Amazon Reviewer

In a world of druids, secretive Magi, invisible frey, and wicked majiks, Moontar Menace seizes the reader as we watch Empress Markeesha steps into her rule of Mu after the death of her husband. Jason Beveridge is an outstanding author who dominates and capture the attention of the reader. Fascinating and intricate characters keep the pace quick as war is unavoidable. Though written as part of a series, it can be written alone. Highly recommend this novel and author.  

Jimmy Ray. Top 12,000 Amazon Reviewer

This story has fun characters that are well developed and easy to relate to. The storyline keeps you guessing and wanting to see what happens next. I found myself pulled in and couldn't stop turning the pages to see what happens. I recommend this one for anyone who loves the fantasy genre as well as anyone who loves a good battle for the survival of your people. Check this one out folks. It is an amazing book.

J. Armstrong. Top 14,000 Amazon Reviewer

The author keeps us on the edge of our seats, just as he did in the first book of the series while we follow his story through all the highs and lows. Court intrigue and battle scenes and races against time are all contained in this story and it is brought together in a masterful manner. I’m glad I’m sticking with this series as so far its garnering itself a spot on my “must read again and again” bookshelf.

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