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Fantasy, especially epic fantasy, takes time and effort to become fully immersed in, but once we’re there, we’re drawn into exploring new worlds and their lore. Hopefully, when we get into it, the ride is rewarding and fun; and then when we finish, it’s like losing a friend.


That’s why I built the Saga of Six reader’s companion website. You can quickly explore it to get a snapshot of whether the saga is what you’re looking for, and then use the website resources to enjoy the adventure as it unfolds and learn more about its characters and worlds. I’m hoping you find it helps you along your journey!


I’d also love to get your feedback and suggestions on the current books and what you’d like to see more of.  As with most authors, writing is not yet my fulltime occupation, so please forgive me if I am a bit slow to get back to you. You can, of course, reach other Saga of Six readers and me on Facebook or Twitter.


Happy reading,


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