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An emperor falls...and the old races stir.

On the eve of war, Emperor Constantine discovers a hidden foe; one that has manipulated from behind the scenes for centuries. He dispatches a letter to the Sorceress of the Powers, but the news arrives too late. Constantine is murdered, and Mu is thrown into turmoil.

While the High Council gathers to elect a new emperor, in the Outlands the hunt for those with forbidden dark elf blood threatens another Elvic War. To the north, rumours spread of dragons returning after a three hundred cycle absence. In the desert lands, the fearless Imanishi defend the empire from the night demons, while south of Mu, the sea invaders consolidate their rule.

Set in the medieval world of Mu, this epic mystery has rivalries, romance, and battles between race and kind, and keeps you guessing with its twists and turns.


If you like a fast-moving mystery set on a big stage, then pick up this page-turner.

Emperor of Mu - Book 1

Paperback $ 25.99 USD

eBook $ 4.99 USD

Handed the poison chalice, she must solve a mystery and win a war.
As prophecied by the Woodelven Oracle, Muaryia and Verderan are set upon by giant knights that can attack and vanish without a trace. Seizing the moment, the empress turns her coronation into a War Council, and everyone returns to their realms to face the war ahead.

What the empress didn’t expect was the materialisation of a magic key; one bequeathed to her in utmost secrecy by her husband before his murder. That it should magically turn up on her coronation day, the empress couldn’t dismiss as coincidence. “What secrets does this key unlock and why now my husband? Did you plan this before your death?” she wondered.

The Saga of Six shifts into another gear as this epic drama unfolds. What was apparent at first takes on new shape as the hidden players behind the scenes begin to reveal themselves.

Moontar Menace -Book 2

ebook $ 4.99 USD

Paperback not yet available

Ancient legacies surface, adding new layers of intrigue.

As foretold by her Druid stepmother, Markeesha’s majik connection with Allringer and the Sky Throne is revealed. What Seanah didn't disclose was the Curse of the Severns and its relevance to the empress.


In the wake of Gravelexor's fiery attack on Lon Leeton, Draghi must deal with the First One's cycle of destruction that ensues. Meanwhile, the other “inconsequential ones” must adapt to survive.


I'm pleased to say that book 3 is well advanced. If you have read books 1 and 2 and wish to receive an alert when the Curse of the Severns is available, please register by using the link.

Curse of the Severns - Book 3

Papaerback coming soon

eBook coming soon

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