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An Ode to Old Onness

Since the dawn of time, the First Ones reigned supreme.

The Draken ruled the skies and the Kinless ruled the swamplands;

and for eons the battle between the First Ones raged.


In an act of spiteful revenge, the Draken unleashed The Tempest.

The earth was rent open, and demonic hordes sent forth ravaging the lands.

Onness, the great capital of mankind, fell.

All that remains now, lies beneath the Sands of Time.


From this ravaged world, six peoples rise ascendant:

The Noble Muaryians; the dynastic rulers of the central realm.

The Fearsome Imanishi; defenders of the desert lands against the denizens of the night.

The Untrusted Illantheans; the sea people who invaded Mu once their island homeland sank.

The Holy Ordeans; practitioners of the arcane arts in their mist-shrouded lands.

The Riders of Essenee; who caused the Elvic Wars because of their forbidden Dark Elf love.

The Chosen Ones; indentured to dragon kind to fight an endless war in distant parts.


In the hallowed Hall of Allgodt, the Six Realms unite.

An Emperor of Mu is elected and a new era begins.

In this third age of man, will an ancient cycle be broken?

Can man resist the evils in the Outlands?

Evils that predate the soul and alter life itself.

Both beautiful and bestial, in this world and the next.

Or is man destined to repeat the mistakes of his predecessors,

to be torn asunder and restart anew again?

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