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The Knight Skyraiders:Book 4

eBook $5.99 USD

Paperback $ 23.99 USD

Desperate to discover the origins of the giant knight sky raiders, Mu suffers another loss when the fortress town of Lon Leeton falls. Now the invaders have a bridgehead in the Empire and threaten the realm of Verderan.

Returning from Krakenlore with two wings of War Dragon, Warlord Draghi prepares Mu's defences.

In the outlands, the Druids and Elves rekindle an ancient fellowship to prepare for the gathering storm while the Essenee princes, Daarés and Henry, become deeper involved with their elven paramours. As a surprise gesture of goodwill, the Woodelven bequeath to humanity a cornucopia of mysterious One Forrest seedlings.

Can the dragon's sudden reengagement with Mu after a three-hundred-year absence be trusted? And why are they wary of the Elves and Druids? Will the Moontar route out Cheadle Conti before she divulges House Malikea's Moontar lineage? And what gifts will the seedlings bestow on humanity?

The plots deepen as more mysteries are uncovered in this fast-paced epic fantasy saga. 

Book 5 new eBook.jpg

Curse of the Severns: Book 5

Paperback $24.99 USD

ebook $ 5.99 USD

On the eve of the Empress's coronation, Seneah, Markeesha's Druid stepmother, hinted that the Druids and the Severns had a history. What Seneah kept from Markeesha was an extraordinary inheritance that others would go to great lengths to uncover.

Unknown to the victors of Lon Leeton, the attack by Gravelexor, the giant firebreather, marked the re-ignition of hostilities between the First Ones. When Warlord Draghi travels north to secure Na Jehlum and Delseer's help to enlist the firebreathers, all plans go awry when the serpents strike.

Caught in deeper and darker elvan mysteries, the Essenee princes start to question the romantic motivations of their Dark Elf and the Woodelven paramours. Justan sails to Caladera to consolidate palace ties and win an Ilanthean princess's heart. Meanwhile, on the opposite shores in Lands End, Adel-son, the human and serpent slithman, unleashes a terrifying armada of serpent spawn.

Does Cheadle Conti betray her kind by revealing House Malikae's Moontar lineage and cast the Empire into war? What dreadful fate do the serpents plan for Krakenlore? And, what is the sensational truth behind the Severns' legacy?

B6 Jasaon eBook.jpg

Slithmen Armada: Book 6

Paperback $23.99 USD

eBook $5.99 USD


This exciting instalment explores the mysterious Dark Elf world of the Dakaal Forest as Prince Henry travels to Kaal Deep with Yarlil, the Dark Lore mistress.

​​Against the Secondi Oracle's warning, Prince Daarés embarks on a fated "one-way" mission into Krakenlore to find the "crack in the world". Meanwhile, Leo, aided by Sasha, the precocious young dragon who befriended him, is haunted by the Serenee tale of the Emerald-eyed Emissary.

​​After much anticipation, the mighty officers of the Fifth Imperial Brigade battle the she-devil-led Moontar army in war. Will the War Dragon prevail, or will the terrifying Ondagar change the balance? Meanwhile, out to sea, the Illanthean High Seas Fleet sails to intercept the Slithmen Armada off the coast of Zukerland.

​​Behind the scenes, the meddling by the mysterious Krey and outcasted Druids heightens as Markeesha learns that her destiny has been decided for her. Will Markeesha save Port Zuker and repel the lizardmen armada as prophecied?

Book seven JB.jpg

The Unger: Book 7

Paperback $24.99 USD

eBook $5.99 USD

THE UNGER is coming! Feared by the Elves and the World Walkers alike, no foe is more misunderstood or as insidious as THE UNGER.

Can Mu resist this evil which spreads between worlds with irresistible might? Do the One Forrest or the Ancients Ones have an answer to defend Wydren? And what destiny awaits Nafandi Nossiran on his Blue Stones Quest into the world of the Sky Elves.

Does Markeesha step down as she threatened? If so, who would step up as Emperor and rally humankind's cause? In this exciting final instalment, many mysteries are resolved as the plots within plots and wheels within wheels unravel.

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