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Legacies of the First Ones

Masters of their domain, the First Ones lived for millennia. Over the aeons they accumulated vast knowledge and power and lorded over the “short-lived” or “inconsequential ones.” .

At their nascent, in the time of the thunder lizards, dragon kind ruled the skies and serpent kind held dominion over the swamplands. The two races, however, adopted very different worldviews. Dragon kind focused on controlling the elemental forces that shaped the physical realm, and serpent kind focused on the evolutionary forces, including the many paths taken by living creatures to adapt and survive.

Throughout eternity, the two sentient races clashed with ever increasing acts of retribution. Finally, in an act of rage, dragon kind unleashed a great cataclysm. Much was destroyed including the lush green lands of the thunder lizards. The world cooled, and the mountains iced over forcing the cold-blooded dragons to seek refuge in the hazardous climes of volcanoes and other thermal terrains. Serpent kind, as intended, was all but destroyed.

Challenged by an inhospitable environment, dragonkind enlisted the services of the clever two-legged warm-bloods; a task delegated to the young dragons who acted as the emissaries of the Weiren or ruling Ancient Ones. The surviving serpents receded into the shadows and controlled their affairs in secret by manipulating host prey.

In the Age of the First Men, the dragons forged an alliance with the Krakenmorroon Giants. The Krakenmorroon built man's first civilization which included huge and wonderful structures, the likes never seen since. As masterful miners and masons, the Giants unearthed the rare dragonstone crystals that powered fabulous elemental majiks.

All this time, serpent kind lay in hiding waiting for a time to take revenge. The Age of the First Men presented the perfect opportunity to strike. Inexplicably, the giant builders became infertile, and within a generation, the First Men were no more. Today, their Great Works stand in silent testimony to their former greatness.

When dragon kind uncovered the Serpents deathly deed, they unleashed a tectonic upheaval that destroyed the swamplands of Lands End along with many other parts of Mu. Unfortunately for dragon kind, the Serpents had expected the dragon’s wrath and were long gone. The cycle of destruction had turned another revolution, yet little had changed.

In the many centuries that followed, the short-lived warm-blooded ones slowly recovered. Across the lands of Mu, new races of the clever two-legged warm-bloods emerged and built new civilizations.

Meanwhile, to the blissful ignorance of most, the Eternal Battle between the First Ones still wages.

In this third age of man, will the ancient cycle be broken?

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