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New Book Launch: Curse of the Severns: Book 5: Saga of the Six Realms Series

Release Date: Tomorrow

Greetings, fantasy fans! Get ready to immerse yourselves once again in the captivating world of the Saga of the Six Realms, as the highly anticipated fifth book - Curse of the Severns is about to sweep you off your feet. We're just on the brink of the Empress's coronation, but the realm is far from calm. In this upcoming instalment, secrets, alliances, and ancient enmities take centre stage, leaving us craving for more!

The Hints of a Hidden History:

On the eve of the Empress's grand coronation, the enigmatic Seanah, Markeesha's Druid stepmother, drops a tantalizing hint about the deep-rooted history between the Druids and the Severns. Little does anyone suspect the extraordinary inheritance tied to this revelation, a discovery that promises untold power and greatness. But as intrigue builds, it's clear that many will stop at nothing to uncover the secrets lurking beneath the surface.

A Fiery Reawakening:

The tranquility following the victory of Lon Leeton is short-lived, as the menacing firebreather, Gravelexor, reignites ancient hostilities among the First Ones. Warlord Draghi embarks on a mission to unite the forces of Na Jehlum and Delseer to plead for the firebreathers' assistance. However, chaos ensues when unexpected serpentine attacks disrupt the delicate plans, setting the stage for a thrilling clash of powers.

A Web of Intrigue:

As the plot thickens, the Essenee Princes find themselves entwined in Dark Elf and Woodelven Elvan mysteries. Doubts begin to emerge about the motivations of their Elvan paramours, casting shadows on their relationships. Justan, the adventurous soul, sails to Caladera with ambitions to solidify palace ties and win a princess's heart. Amid the romantic pursuits, the realms are on the brink of upheaval, making every decision a matter of utmost importance.

An Armada of Darkness:

On the shores of Lands End, Adel-son, the intriguing human and serpent slithman, unleashes a terrifying armada of serpent spawn. The impending threat of these creatures looms large, adding an additional layer of tension and suspense to the already intricate narrative.

Questions that Haunt:

As the saga unfurls, many questions arise, keeping readers on the edge of their seats. Does Cheadle Conti betray her own kind, divulging House Malikae's Moontar lineage to plunge the Empire into war? What nefarious plans do the Severns have in store for Krakenlore? And perhaps most tantalizingly, what is the sensational truth concealed behind the Severns' legacy?

Prepare yourselves for a rollercoaster of emotions, jaw-dropping twists, and a journey through a world brimming with magic, betrayal, and redemption. "Curse of the Severns" promises to be an unforgettable addition to the Saga of the Six Realms, weaving together intricate threads of lore, character dynamics, and the timeless struggle between good and evil.

Mark your calendars for the release of Book 5 tomorrow, and get ready to dive headfirst into a realm of wonder and mystery. The countdown has begun!

Available on Amazon from tomorrow. US$5.99. https://www.sagaofsix.com/about

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