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New Worldwide Book Launch Today!


An Epic Fantasy Book Adventure - available TODAY on Amazon. US$5.99

Today marks an exciting moment for fans of EPIC fantasy as the eagerly awaited sixth instalment of the Saga of the Six Realms series, "Slithmen Armada: Book Six", by acclaimed author, Jason Beveridge, is released worldwide. This next adventure promises to delve even deeper into the intricate tapestry of magic, war, and destiny that has captivated readers since its inception.

Book Details:

Readers are thrust into the heart of the mystical Dakaal Forest, where Prince Henry undertakes a perilous journey to Kaal Deep alongside Yarlil, the enigmatic Mistress of Dark Lore. Their quest unfolds amidst the looming shadow of the Secondi Oracle’s foreboding prophecy, setting the stage for a narrative that blends suspense with mysticism.

Across realms, Prince Daares defies ominous warnings as he embarks on a mission shrouded in destiny, venturing into the treacherous depths of Krakenlore in search of a mythical "crack in the world." Simultaneously, Leo and Sasha, the precocious young dragon, grapple with the haunting legends of the Emerald-eye Emissary, adding layers of intrigue and ancient lore to the unfolding saga.

The Conflict Escalates:

Amidst the chaos, the officers of the Fifth Imperial Brigade find themselves in a decisive battle against the formidable Moontar army, led by the notorious she-devils. The outcome hinges on the fearsome War Dragon and the arrival of the menacing Ondagar, creatures that threaten to tip the precarious balance of power in unforeseen ways.

On the high seas, the Illanthean High Seas Fleet sails forth to intercept the impending Slithmen Armada off the coast of Zukerland, setting the stage for epic naval engagements that promise to test the mettle of both commanders and crews.

Unraveling Mysteries and Manipulations:

Behind these tumultuous events lurk the shadowy machinations of the mysterious Krey and the outcasted Druids, whose meddling threatens to alter the very course of destinies entwined across realms. As the Empress grapples with revelations about her predetermined fate, Markeesha finds herself thrust into a prophesied role that may hold the key to saving Port Zuker from the impending lizardmen invasion.

A Journey Awaits:

Prepare to lose yourself in a realm where destiny unfolds with every turn of the page.

As a fan of Saga of the Six Realms, we hope you enjoy this exciting new adventure in a world where magic and machinations collide, where heroes and heroines are forged in the crucible of adversity, and where the fate of kingdoms hangs in the balance.

Slithmen Armada: Book Six by Jason Beveridge is now available online at Amazon.

Happy reading!


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