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Saga of Six Excerpt - Beast Mistress

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

“So, my Prince, I have a question if I may,” she said with a sly grin.

Daarés face sobered. He remembered who he was speaking to and chose to be guarded. “Princess Yarlil, as genuine as you appear, I remind myself how you love to sport.”

Yarlil held Daarés in meaningful stare before giving him a wicked smile. “Well, thank you, my observant one. It is good you appreciate my dark charm. But to my question, what do you think of this talk of racial intermixing?”

Daarés himself was quarter Dark Elf on his mother’s side, but except for an angular face, he had little of Yarlil’s elven features. While considering the question, Daarés noticed the princess’s shapely figure and was reminded that her father, King Nefren, was half-human. Having olive skin himself, Daarés didn’t mind her darker colouring. It was the “black-pool” eyes he found disquieting. Not only did Yarlil have the Dark Elf sclera or black “eye-whites” but her irises were also black. This made them completely dark or “black-pool”. Yarlil's prominent cheekbones, sharp facial features and extended pointed ears were in keeping with her elven heritage. Apart from her shapely figure, Daarés thought Yarlil’s most human quality was her cheeky precociousness. The mysterious foreboding was definitely Dark Elf.

Daarés treated the question respectfully. “If you ask whether we should choose wisely those outsiders we share our secret lineage, I don’t see much choice. If you ask whether I’m proud of my lineage and believe we should pursue wider acceptance in our communities, I believe that too.”

“Egordia!” she expressed in elfish. “You have a good head and a courageous heart, my Prince,” she stated for his benefit. Yarlil then held him in a long, meaningful stare that was very Dark Elf. Finally, she chose to share her mystery. “I have been having dreams of faraway places, and I see you in them. It disturbs me that despite your wolf cabal, you don’t have a pack to protect you.”

The animal spirits are strong in this one, Daarés reminded himself. Yarlil’s backless leather tunic showed off her cabal tattoos. On her left shoulder was the wolf emblem which matched his own. On her right shoulder arm was the rearing bear, and on her back was the tattoo he admired most, the head of a white unicorn. Unlike her Dark Elf peers, she didn't have any matching claws, talons or hoof tattoos on her forearms.

“You honour me with such concerns, Princess,” he said, starting to believe she wasn’t playing with him. “Why do you raise this matter?”

“I would like you to sleep with a she-wolf tonight,” she announced, looking intently at him while searching his emotions.

At first, Daarés was dumbstruck. Then he tried to find her meaning. The Ell Avon practised weird animal lore and given Yarlil was the Wolverine Warleader, he was genuinely unsure as to what she might be alluding. But then, she was clever with double meanings, and the dark ones loved to play tricks with one’s emotions.

Watching him struggle with her question, Yarlil started to smile and then began to chuckle.

Daarés took umbrage. “The only she-wolf I see here tonight is the one in front of me,” he retaliated in frustration.

Yarlil stared back wide-eyed and made a provocative face. “The Prince makes a suggestion?” She asked, moving in closer to create sexual tension between them. She was taller than him and skilled with a knife. Close-up, he found her “black-pool” gaze unnerving.

Yep, this doesn’t bode well, he thought. “Yarlil, I thought you were sincere about something, and now I’m at a loss to understand what we’re talking about.”

“True, my Prince,” Yarlil said, smiling devilishly over her shoulder as she turned way. Again, her face turned serious to signify she was back on task.

“My concern is over what Woden the Wise had to say earlier.” Noticing Daarés was listening, Yarlil continued with her proposition. “This is about protecting our human-elf bloodlines. To this end, I wish to recognise what the handsome Daarés has accomplished for the Ell Avon by making a gift.”

Daarés was intrigued but still puzzled.

“I want you to den with Arlia, my she-wolf. She has young pups, and I want you to bond with them and become their pack leader. First, you will need to win Arlia’s trust.”

Yarlil realised he missed the significance. “Arlia is a Dare Wolf. Your namesake, Daarés,” she said for emphasis. “We believe nothing happens by coincidence. Your name and your choice of the Wolf Cabal are significant. Purebred Dare Wolves are rare and very special. Under the right circumstances, they will bond-link with you and become a powerful ally. As I said earlier about my dreams, I believe your destiny takes you far away from the fellowship and protection of Atlans Deep.”

“I'm honoured, I think,” he said, still trying to absorb the significance.

Yarlil regarded Daarés fondly as he struggled with her intent. I like this Prince, she mused. “Good, I will meet you at your quarters later tonight with Arlia and her pups. I will, of course, need to stay and give Arlia comfort and assist with your instruction.”

Noticing his reaction, Yarlil qualified her remark. “That is, unless you would prefer mother to stay with you. After all, she taught me how to perform these duties.”

“No,” Daarés quickly replied, alarmed by the prospect. As far as he was concerned, the Queen of Dark Lore was to be avoided at all costs. “I think we should keep this between ourselves,” he requested.

Yarlil returned a shrewd smile. “Very well, until later then,” she replied, and promptly turned and left.

Daarés breathed a sigh of relief. It was never straightforward dealing with the dark ones, and Yarlil was trickier than most. He started to wonder what he’d just gotten himself into when he was distracted by the tattoo on Yarlil’s back; the magnificent head of a white unicorn. It faced square-on, so the beast’s head stared back. He particularly liked the visual effect of how its horn tapered up her backbone. He watched, enjoying the moment as Yarlil walked away. As her back muscles flexed, it seemed to Daarés that the beast was watching him, the effect was so lifelike.

To his shock and disbelief, the unicorn winked back.

Surely not, he thought, suddenly spooked.

Just when Daarés convinced himself it was his mind playing tricks, Yarlil looked over her shoulder. Wearing a grin, she winked back with her left eye; just as the unicorn had done.

There’s something edgy about this one, Daarés thought.

This is going to be a restless night, he further considered.

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